Since 2019, ACM has partnered with Kudos, which provides a platform for authors to explain their articles in lay-person language and to subsequently share them with a broader audience, especially via social media. It also provides the tools to monitor sharing activities such as page views and click-through rates, all designed to increase the usage and citation rate of published papers.  Since January 2020, over 3200 journal authors have used Kudos to explain and distribute 500 articles. We are now excited to be able to offer this service to our conference proceedings authors as well.

Kudos is a cross-publisher platform enabling you to claim all of your publications in one convenient place, regardless of who your original article was published with. You can also monitor the impact of your activities on articles’ citations and downloads. Kudos has been shown to increase publication downloads by more than 20%.

How do I sign up for Kudos?

ACM automatically sends emails to all authors when they are eligible to participate. This email contains an invitation link and simple instructions. You can also connect your ORCID profile if you have one.

Once you’ve registered for your free account, just click on “Add Publications” on your My Profile page to search for the publications you want to promote. Kudos can be used for any publication that has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), allowing you to collate all of your publications in one place. Kudos stores this information on your profile, thereby helping more people to find and understand your work. 

How do I add publications to my account?

 There are four basic steps to using your Kudos account to increase the visibility of your work:

  1. Explain – Provide your publication with a short title, a summary accessible to non-experts and an impact statement.
  2. Enrich – Include helpful links to related material and invite your co-authors to add their perspectives and share the work to further increase visibility and impact.
  3. Share – Click on the share tab of your account to generate a link. Use this link when sharing your page through different platforms to enable you to track the impact of your article.
  4. Measure – Visit the metrics tab of your profile to see the effect of your sharing.

This short video provides a step-by-step tutorial to set up your account.

Step-by-step tutorial for using Kudos


Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

This video provides an overall introduction to Kudos, including: - who they are for - what they provide - how authors benefit - how to get started - a step-by-step guide to explaining, enriching, sharing your publications - and measuring the results!